Cuomo Law Firm

Building Relationships

Well-regarded and serving clients in Maryland for close to thirty years, Cuomo Law Firm is dedicated to providing effective legal services in an array of practice areas.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of a small law firm

such as personalized attention, and long-term client attorney relationships that are built on trust. As a client-oriented law firm, we take pride in getting back to our clients within the same day, arranging personal meetings with clients and, in general, making our lawyers available to attend to client needs as much as possible.

Our law firm has the resources to handle any case

Through teams of experts that are available to us as well as state-of-the-art technology for research, our capabilities extend to representing cases that larger firms are known to handle.

Our Approach

While some cases are best litigated through the courts, many cases may be resolved through negotiated settlements.

Our attorneys are skilled in alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, arbitration and mediation.

The founding member and senior partner of our law firm, Dennis E. Cuomo, is an experienced trial lawyer who began his career prosecuting cases as an Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore City and has continued to privately practice law in the Baltimore area throughout his career.

If aggressive litigation will serve a client’s best interest, our firm is always prepared to take a case to trial and vigorously litigate on behalf of our client.

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